Terroirs en Fête will offer a series of free activities for all ages. We will give you the opportunity to raise awareness of the environment through several activities : a treasure hunt, playful and creative workshops but also culinary demonstrations.

Culinary Demonstrations

Disciples d’Escoffier will heat up the pots and offer a demonstration using products from our opened-air market. You will be able to choose the ingredients with the chefs and watch them prepare their own amazingly tasty recipes.

Saturday : 3pm-4pm- 4:30pm-5:30pm- 6:30pm-7:30pm 

Sunday: 11am-12pm – 2:30pm-3:30pm – 4:30pm-5:30pm

Trail game
« Hunting the secret ingredient ! »

Famous chef Jess Coffier is world-renowned  for his succulent ratatouille. The key to his success ? It’s an ingredient that has remained in secret for a long time… But he has decided to reveal it exclusively at Terroirs en Fête . Little chefs will have to earned it, they will have to complete a fun treasure hunt through the park.  At the end of the game, they will be rewarded with special gifts.  For children only from 6 to 12 years old.

Sheep shearing

This is one of the most popular activity since the first edition of Terroirs en Fête. This year Grégori Pierquin will be shearing sheep. This practice is spectacular but also necessary once a year for the animals well-being. As the wool protects the sheep from the winter it becomes cumbersome when the summer arrives. It also allows to improve the breeding and the hygiene of the animal. A few minutes are enough for a professional to shear it. Are you ready to look how is done ? Go to the breeding area.


It’s bzzzing on Terroirs en fête, are you curious? Comme and have a look at the Syndicat des Apiculteurs de Vaucluse. Philippe Huguel and his beekeepers friends offer a captivating bee universe. A real educational glass hive, you will discover everything about the life of the hive and its organization, about bees, one of the greatest pollinators and guarantor of biodiversity and producer of a golden treasure : honey. Come closer it’s time for the bee ballet !

The educational farm

Animals have an important place at Terroirs en fête, and we know that children love them ! The Billy-Billy farm will bring to you : cows, donkeys, piglets, goats, sheep and goats, every farm animals !. This is an escape to a moment of tenderness in the company of farm animals. You can also make flower bombs with clay and seeds. For the little farmers painting and drawing workshops will be proposed to cultivate their artistique and bucolic sense.

Herding dog demonstration

This is one of the most beautiful activities, witnessing the relationship between man and animals. Éric Verrier is a shepherd and will be there with his four Border Collie dogs and eight Merino sheep to share with you this special bond between them.

He will show you how dogs guide themselves and guard the herd. Do not miss it ! 

Birds : between exhibitions and workshops

The Conseil Départemental of Vaucluse and its partners offer you an immersion in the flora et fauna of Vaucluse. Discover the birds of the prey of the Luberon through a photography exhibition presented by the Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon. To fly higher like a bird, make nesting boxes and silhouettes in the workshop held bye the Naturoptère and the Ligue de Proctection des Oiseaux.

For children from 6 to 12 years old.

Jeu de Piste
Jeunes Agriculteurs de Vaucluse

Les JA de Vaucluse sont heureux de vous retrouver pour cette 5ème édition de Terroirs en Fête !

Vous souhaitez découvrir l’agriculture en vous amusant ? Suivez ce jeu de piste et ses énigmes qui vous emmèneront pour une aventure au fil des stands des Jeunes Agriculteurs de Vaucluse. A chaque étape trouvée, vous recevrez une lettre. Mises bout à bout, elles formeront la phrase code à donner au dernier stand et vous permettra de gagner une invitation pour le Salon des Vins des Jeunes Vignerons Vauclusiens, le « Wine Day », qui aura lieu au Château des Fines Roches à Châteauneuf-du-Pape le 02 juillet prochain !